Keith Liembo, CEO/Owner
Phone Number: 240-401-3879

Muni Gwanyebit, CRNP-PMH Nurse Practitioner
Phone Number: 301-204-6086

Implementing evidence-based therapies to help individuals manage their obsessions and compulsions more effectively.

Obsessive-compulsive behavior (OCD) is an anxiety disorder characterized by recurring, unwanted thoughts, sensations, or ideas (obsessions) that drive individuals to engage in repetitive behaviors or mental acts (compulsions). Severe OCD can cause significant distress and interfere with daily life.

While the exact causes of OCD are not fully understood, current theories suggest a combination of genetic, environmental, and neurobiological factors. Changes in the body’s natural chemistry or brain functions may contribute to the development of OCD. Other risk factors include stressful life events and co-occurring mental health disorders.

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